The great migration south: 80% of new private sector jobs are in Dubai: do escorts migrate as well?

The employment friendly laws in this Arab-Emirates state have invited much labor migrationDubai escorts are considerably more frequent than galleries of other cities from different impoverished countries and locations to Dubai. Even from countries like those in Europe that are better off but facing financial slow-down the flourishing Dubai markets hold an attraction for work, better earnings and better life.

It’s no secret that a city like Dubai that holds many attractions for shoppers and has droves of tourists heading its way for holidaying also has a vibrantly busy escorting network. Whether it is Nigerian and Russian, Chinese escorts or those from Malaysia, Phillipines, Iran and Asia you’d find escorts of all origin operating from the safe confines of the city and living well. In fact many women who land in Dubai looking for employment end up resorting to escorting. The money is good, affording them a good living standard and quality in life.

Yes, Escorts Migrate to Dubai!
Since there’s a high demand for escorts in Dubai from a clientele that comprises mostly of holidaymakers, local businessmen and rich professionals a number of escorts operating in different cities across world move and migrate to Dubai looking for opportunities. Some escorts only travel there for a particular season when tourist inflow is expected to be highest others take a visa, buy or rent an apartment and settle down for a few years, providing regular services to their clients. Dubai really holds a strong pull for escorts of different skin color and origin. Practitioners need to have valid visa and that’s all.

Dubai: The Pull of Good Life
Amid escorts in Dubai Moroccan and Iranian escorts are considered beautiful and more in demand since Hobbyists who visit the middle-east want to meet up with women with an ethnicity somewhat similar to the locals. Many of these escorts are seen operating from high-end areas like Dubai, Marina and Jumei-rah. There has been a distinct trend showing preference towards women of a particular racial origin, and so these Moroccan, Iranian and European escorts who’re light skinned have been highly sought.
Escorts are migrating to Dubai because of higher salaries and more clientsOverall the ‘imported’ escorts are frequently operational at most hotels and these are mostly girls from Russia, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Nigerians are predominant and so are women from Eritrea. Visiting escorts are more likely to originate from cities like London, Beijing, Belgium, New York, Ukraine, and Russia.

High Earnings
What are the charges these ‘exotic’ models charge? On an average an escort of African origin earns between 200-300 Emirati Dirham, and it goes as high as 2000 Dirhams for European escorts for an all-night appointment. And so the prices vary according to the demand for an escort of certain skin-color and nationality. So where do the escorts operate from? Most of them prefer having their own apartments or setups where they receive and entertain their clients and some visit their clients in a pre-decided venue. Many escorts prefer to share their apartments with other escorts for safety and anonymity. The high-end models live in up-town areas of Dubai enjoying a life that’s on the same level of standards as of successful businessmen in the city-state.